Do you need a new electronic product?
We can be your original design manufacturer

How is the process?

Once the client gives us conceptual information and detailed specifications, the design total cost, prototypes creation and estimated cost per unit will be notified before the commencement of the project. We will work with the clients until they are satisfied, all the requirements of the original design are met and the product works according to the expectations. We put together our experience and recommendations.

Quality above all

We maintain quality standards in our project life cycle, from the components purchase process to manufacture. Our disciplined team approach allows us to be ahead of our competition in the time of products development cycle without compromising quality. We commit ourselves to offer quality solutions to our clients through our OEM/ODM service flowchart

OEM-ODM process stages


Which is our specialization?

We’ve developed a long-term business relation with worldwide brands chips and components manufacturers so as to provide complete EMV and VISA PCI PED solutions, which fully comply with the security standards of the industry in the bank terminals and transport business, which also facilitates and saves costs in the EMV migration system.

Product & Services

• Payment terminals
• Support for means of payment
• Consultancy Services
• Terminals Solutions
• Solutions Development
• EMV tool and testing


• Mobile Payment
• Financial POS
• High class POS
• Transport & Ticketing
• Mobile and Desk Terminals
• Self-service Terminals
• Access Control
• Identification

CPU Platform

• Maxim
• Atmel
• Intel
• Samsung
• Texas Instrument
• Broadcom
• Leadcore


• Modem, LTE, TCP/IP, WIFI, BT
• Contact and Contactless Reader
• Coded MSR Reader
• QR Code Modules
• PDA Modules
• Safe MSR Modules
• IC card safe modules
• PINPAD Modules

EMV Laboratory

• EMV testing tool
••• FIME test Library
••• Microprocss
••• Integri
••• EMV L1, Visa payWave, PayPass
• Laboratorio de prueba
••• EMV 2.0 L1, QPBOC, qVSDC & MSD
••• Mastercard & Visa PayPass L2

OS Platform

• WinCE 6.0
• Windows Mobile
• Windows
• Linux
• uCLinux
• Android
• iOS

Production plant

Our plant is in Shantou City Longhu, China, and covers more than 5,000 square meters. It is equipped with an international and national high level of different types of equipment, such as: production test, high-speed SMT production line, X-Ray inspection, assembly line, and a high professional commitment with technology, the electronic production business and the processing of our clients’ products.

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