More than 25 years at the generation of innovative Products and Services

Our beggining

We have been focused on the development of solutions and products based on smart cards since 1991 and we are pioneers in this technology use. In 1995 we developed the first intelligent driver’s license of the world. Then, we engaged in the use of fingerprint and face biometric technology for the identification of people, which led us, in 2000, to the contactless payment world. Thanks to our experience, we participated in many contact and contactless payment projects in the region, which positioned our brand in the market and suppliers companies.

Current situation

This way led us to the need of generating different hardware solutions to be able to respond to the diverse operations to be made with contactless cards, such as recharging, validations, consults, customization, among others. Nowadays, we have a wide line of products, which can be customized according to the particular needs of each project, and all of them are produced pursuant to ISO-9001 standards to guarantee the highest quality and reliability.

Our future: At the highest level of technology

We are highly ranked to continue with great success in our culture of dedication, perseverance and leadership in the industry. The company is focused on the design of payment products and services, rich in characteristics, and it is committed to invest once again in the organization to guarantee long-term success.
As long as payment technology evolves, we commit ourselves to increase the security requirements and expand the methods for business so as to guarantee the upcoming exciting future.

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