We offer software development
for a wide range of apps

What do we do?

We build high class software using our wide experience in integrated hardware design and development, together with our skills in programming systems Windows, Linux, Internet Protocols, networks, security, C/C++, Phyton, Perl, PHP, JS, SQL, among others.
Some of our apps developments include transport, means of payment, identification and business.

What does this include ?

We design and test software for integrated systems from the beginning to the user graphic interface or the software for final users. We provide integrated software engineering services, which include firmware and development of device drivers, multiple operating systems, including Android, Linux and Windows, as well as the software development for final apps

How do we work?

We provide suitable collaboration models for different types of clients. We evaluate where participation is more
necessary. Thanks to this model we can optimize the resources of the client and speed up the app implementation and development. The use of this methodology has enabled us to offer solutions, which, in most of the cases, exceed the clients’ expectations.


Our methodology

We use agile methodology in software development to save both time and costs, which means a higher quality and efficient work. Flexibility in processes, constant feedback with the client during development and interactions among team members and with the client help the projects to significantly boost their quality, thus removing unnecessary characteristics and quickly detecting mistakes or problems.

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