We can help you throughout
the EMV/PCI certification process

PCI Consultancy

The professional testing services are mainly focused on helping our clients to better understand the PCI requirements, find out the coherence with PCI requirements, modify solutions and improve success rate; in other words, we help our clients to reduce their cost while getting approval from certification laboratories. We provide PCI certification full solutions and offer the best services for technical service and solutions selections with the aim of obtaining approval as fast as possible.

EMV Consulting

We provide the latest EMV4.2a and EMV Level2 kernel, PBOC2.0 in EMV L2. Used for POS terminals, ATMs and Internet banking, full technical details and object code for production.

• Customized implementation and development
• Ensure EMV level 1 approval
• Technical support in certification test
• Technical support in trial production

We’ve got wide experience in EMV, PBOC, PCI. We follow up the latest international standards. We’ve carried out the test and certification in the shortest time several times. Apart from covering the complete standards of the industry, such as:

• EMV L1/L2 & PBOC 3.0
• CUP network terminals
• qPBOC, CUP PBOC Debit/Credit
• PBOC, eCash, Master, VISA, JCB
• PCI2.x, PCI3.x, PCI4.x, PCI-DSS
• Contactless EMV, PayPass, PayWave

Certification Laboratories

We have a good relation with several certification laboratories.

  Great Britain RFI Global Services Ltd.
A well-known certification laboratory, approved by Visa, MasterCard, and EMVCo, gives EMV, PCI and contactless payment certification.

  France FIME Lab
It offers a wide range of testing products and services. Fime experts’ assistance allows us to refine the product or service and our compliance offer, to certify a specific international standard.

  Taiwán Branch
A certification laboratory, approved by Visa, MasterCard and EMVCo, gives payment certification of EMV, PCI and contactless.

  Bank of Beijing test center
The only laboratory of financial certification specification, appointed by the Bank of China, gives EMV, BPC, CUP, UAT, QPBOC, contactless payment terminals, Union Pay security certification.

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